Janus Films and Harold Lloyd Entertainment are proud to present the latest Harold Lloyd theatrical re-release: THE FRESHMAN! You can see the brand new, digitally restored DCP of THE FRESHMAN in theaters now! For dates you can check out our screenings page or you can visit www.janusfilms.com/thefreshman/ for more information!

For the first time ever, Harold Lloyd is available in HD! The Criterion Collection has released Harold’s masterpiece SAFETY LAST! on BluRay and DVD, both in stores now! This new restoration contains all new features, including an introduction by Suzanne Lloyd, Harold’s granddaughter; three newly-restored, rarely seen, Lloyd shorts; Locations and Effects featurette, with John Bengtson and Craig Barron; the long sought-after 1989 documentary, The Third Genius; and much more! Please visit www.criterion.com for more information!

Winter Updates!

Here are a few quick updates on what's going on in the world of Harold Lloyd Entertainment!


  • Suzanne Lloyd gave away the Harold Lloyd award to Jeffery Katzenberg at this year's International 3D Society Awards program. The award is presented to those who support and help with the advancement of 3D in film, television, and media. Katzenberg is the 4th to receive the award; previous recipients include, James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, and Ang Lee. 


  • Criterion Collection's restoration of The Freshman will be released on March 25th on Bluray and DVD! It's full of great special features, including three newly restored shorts, a visual essay by John Bengtson, and a conversation between Rich Correll and film historian Kevin Brownlow. Here's a link where you can pre-order your copy today!: http://www.criterion.com/films/28510-the-freshman


  • Harold will be at this year's TCM Film Festival! They will screen Why Worry? with a brand new score by Carl Davis! You can find out more about the festival at the following link: http://filmfestival.tcm.com/

Season's Greetings!


Licensing and Screenings

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Fun Facts

Harold was extremely superstitious and would not step on a crack on the sidewalk.

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